Dental Treatments

Dental Treatments

Our goal in Glencairn Dental is to provide our patients with full range of dental treatment under one roof. Our specialist team will look after you and make you feel relaxed and comfortable on every visit.

Below is a short description and explanation of some of the problems associated with the mouth and teeth and the more common types of treatment available in our practice.

List of Treatments

Exam, Diagnosis, Xrays - checking all aspects of the mouth including teeth, gums, tongue and above gum level.

Scale and Polish - Dental cleanings involve removing plaque (soft, sticky, bacteria infested film) and tartar (calculus) deposits that have built up on the teeth over time.

Amalgam Filling - Amalgam fillings are more commonly known as silver or mercury fillings. They are made up of silver, tin, copper, zinc, and mercury.

Composite Filling - white filling: A white filling is made from a dental composite material that's safe, long lasting and looks natural.

Extraction - removal of a tooth.

Crowns - A crown is a tooth-shaped cover placed over a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed. Glencairn Dental offers Amalgam, Composite, Porcelain fused to metal, Gold and Procera (all porcelain) crowns. See Crown price list.

Bleaching - using dental bleach to whiten the teeth. At Glencairn Dental we offer in surgery bleaching treatment or home whitening kits.

Zoom Whitening Treatment - This is where you have three concurrent 20 minute gel and light applications for instant whitening results. Teeth are stained by the foods and drinks we consume. Smoking further stains teeth and the natural bright, white shade becomes darkened. Teeth whitening is a successful and simple method of lightening the colour of your teeth. The degree of whiteness achieved will vary from patient to patient and with the type of bleaching process chosen. The procedure takes an hour and a half in total.

Root Canal treatment - A root canal is a treatment is used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

Dentures - Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can be taken out and put back into your mouth. People wear dentures to replace lost or missing teeth so they can enjoy a healthy diet and smile with confidence. A 'complete' or 'full' denture is one which replaces all the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaws. A 'partial' denture fills in the spaces left by lost or missing teeth. It may be fastened to your natural teeth with metal clasps or 'precision attachments'. 

Fissure Sealants - A sealant is a protective plastic coating, which is applied to the biting surfaces of the back teeth. The sealant forms a hard shield that keeps food and bacteria from getting into the tiny grooves in the teeth and causing decay.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation

IV sedation dentistry (intravenous sedation) is the most advanced and effective method of dental conscious sedation used by our highly trained dentists in order to perform dental treatments with our patients in calm and relaxed condition.

We realise that some people may feel nervous or apprehensive about seeing the dentist and so we make every effort to ensure all our patients feel as relaxed as possible during their visit.

For those who are undergoing more lengthy procedures or who are very nervous we offer IV sedation. This involves the use of IV sedative and provides more profound reduction in anxiety. This is a very effective method of sedation for anxious patients and we are happy to be able to offer this procedure.

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